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Bing is beautiful. Many searchers make Bing their default search engine because they want to see the new, beautiful photo of the day. If you have a budget for online advertising, it would be wise to invest some on Bing Ads. You will reach people who are not using Google for their online searches. Bing Ads is one great way to tap markets which for long has been untapped.

Bing grew to 19.7% of the US search market share and Yahoo saw a 10% increase in paid search clicks over the past year.


What we do

We have the full-fledged motive to work on Bing’s marketing and trade letting the new and novel things of business to come in and flourish the Bing Ads. We will help you to accomplish the goal of prime niche market followed by the trendy and classy workouts of trading. Let’s plan your campaigns, research their structures and targeting, scrutinize your account and keep monitoring and optimizing it to increase the traffic, generate the better leads and increase the sales.

The features and services we provide are as follows:

Account Setup

Search Ads

Mobile Ads

Scheduled Ads

Landing Page Selection

GEO Targeting Setup

Bing Webmaster Setup

Dynamic Search Ads

Remarketing Ads

Custom Audience Targeting

Ad Submission

Demographics Setup

Display Ads

Shopping Ads

Keywords Selection

Ad Text Creation

Conversion Code Setup

Campaign Optimization

Keyword Research

Ad Copy Optimization

Landing page development

Keyword Bid Optimization

Conversion Tracking

Competitor Analysis

Call Tracking


Monthly Report


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